About Us

Our mission is to provide solutions that help people maintain active and healthy lives. Countless fads have come and gone, but FitRev has remained the same — encouraging healthy lifestyle changes!

who we are

The Fitness Revolution Club (FitRev) aims to empower clients through family-oriented, results-driven programs and nutritional guidance that support healthy lifestyle transformations and the achievement of fitness goals.

how we started

Established July 2016, FitRev began bootcamp training outside the Police Officers Club in Kingston, Jamaica. Between 2016 and 2019, over 100 members registered with FitRev.

what we believe

We believe in the value of love and family values as part of our inclusive and holistic approach to positive change. We are committed to progress and the achievement of results for a healthier you!

Our Story

For over 3 years, FitRev has been dedicated to creating health and fitness solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Our club started with two people and a single vision — to help people get healthy and physically fit. Many success stories have been built throughout the 3 years of existence, including the union of the two health enthusiast who established the club back in 2016.

Our Trainers

Oneil Randall

Managing Director & Fitness Trainer

Kara Randall

Manager & Assistant Fitness Trainer

Jason Welch

Fitness Trainer,
FitRev Jamaica

Tanya Thomas

Fitness Trainer,
Fitrev Jamaica

make a lifestyle change today

Don’t judge each day by looking for that big result, but by the improvement of your health and fitness steadily into a lifestyle.