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You can have access to virtual fitness classes. Workout anywhere you want — at home, in your background and even at the park! No hidden fees, cancel anytime with no penalities!

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Virtual ‘On-Demand’ Classes

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant millions of people around the world are adjusting to life indoors. Check out our FitRev’s Virtual ‘On-Demand’ Classes!

Boss Bodies Virtual Fitness

To honour all our boss women, we invite you to join our FREE 20-30 minute virtual Boss Bodies fitness sessions. Every Saturdays at 10am (EST) you will have the opportunity to feel great, and network with other female boss entrepreneurs. Bring a water bottle, mat and your smile, because we’re going to have a lot of FUN! To participate, send us an email.


Fitness Programs

1-on-1 Personal Training • Rehab Training • Athletic Training • Elderly Fitness • Corporate & Community Wellness • Shredding for the Wedding • Pre/Postnatal Fitness • Kids Fitness and more …


Here is what some of FitRev’s clients have to say:

“I have been involved in an exercise program with Oneil for the past 4 months. Oneil is a great motivator, encouraging us to pass our self imposed limits without discouraging us. His routines are energizing and variable so there is no chance of bordom. I have gone from an overweight out of shape 60-something to a slightly less over weight guy that can now tie up my shoes and walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. I can actually run almost 3 laps around the park now. Looking for an exercise program?? I definetely recommend FitRev!”

Ron McGregor

Calgary, AB, Canada

“I have been exercising regularly for years, but I was in a bit of a rut. I was doing the same old exercises at the same weight. Three months ago I joined a FitRev group run by Oneil. When I train with Oneil, he pushes me harder, and for longer than I ever push myself and he has expanded my conception of what I am capable of. He also utilizes many different techniques and exercises to help get my body moving in different ways to target muscle groups I didn’t even know i had. If you want to shake up your routine, see results, and have some fun along the way, I definitely recommend trying out Oneil’s FitRev classes.”
Steve Becker

Calgary, AB, Canada

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